While both the Florida Condominium Act and the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act, Chapters 718 and 720, respectively, permit an association to purchase bulk communication services, including television service, and pay for such service as a common expense, neither statute requires an association to do so. However, it is possible that the declaration of condominium for your condominium states that the association will provide bulk television service to the members as a common expense. If the declaration has such a provision, which would be unusual, then in order to stop providing such service, the declaration would have to be amended. However, it is likely that the association is authorized to purchase bulk television service and pay for same as a common expense for the members, but is not required to do so.

Another issue your association should consider before attempting to terminate its bulk cable contract is whether it is actually entitled to terminate the contract at this time. Often, such cable contracts are for relatively long periods of time and have narrow termination provisions. If the association is intending to terminate a bulk cable contract, it should review the contract carefully to determine the appropriate method for giving the notice of termination and when such notice must be given. Failure to provide notice timely and properly under the contract would likely result in the contract automatically renewing for a new term. Accordingly, the association should review these issues carefully.

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